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This is a table of international names of various Zebra Finch mutations.

English Danish Dutch German
Grey Grå Grijs Grau Gris G Cinzento
Fawn Brun Bruin Zimt brun F Castanho
White Hvid Wit Weiss Blanc W Branco
Lightback Lysrygget Bleekrug Hellrücken dos-pâle LB Costas claras
Chestnut Flanked White Hvid med tegning Masker (Zwartmasker) Maske-Grau (until recently: Marmosett) masqué CFW Branco de flancos castanhos
Black Breasted Sortbrystet Zwartborst Schwarzbrust Poitrine-noire BB Peito Preto
Agate Agat Agaat Achat Agate AG
Dominant Dilute (formerly: Dominant Silver) Pastel (formerly: Sølv) Pastel Pastell (formerly: Silber) Pastel (formerly: Argenté) DS Pastel
Penguin Hvidbrystet (formerly: Pingvin) Witborst Weissbrust (formerly: Pinguin) Poitrine-blanche (formerly: Pingouin) PNG Pinguim
Orange Breasted Orangebrystet Oranjeborst Rotbrust Barre Orange OB Peito Laranja
Grey Cheeked Gråkindet Grijswang Grauwange Joues Grises GC Face Cinzenta
Pied Broget Bont Schecke Panaché PI Malhado
Black Face Sortmasket Black face Schwarzbart Black-face BF Face Preta
Black Cheeked Sortkindet Zwartwang Schwarzwange Joues Noires BC Bochecha Preta
Isabel Isabel Isabel Isabel Isabelle IS Isabel G
Eumo Eumo or Sortbuget Eumo Schwarze Noir EM
Yellow beak Gulnæbbet Geelsnavel Gelbschnabel Bec Jaune YB Bico Amarelo
Crested Toppet Kuif Haube Huppé CR Poupa G

Some countries use individual names for a few combinations of the above mutations.

In addition to these, there are a number of mutations that have so far been confined to one or two countries each. These include:

Finally, there are a few variations of some of these mutations which have been given individual names:
English Danish Dutch German French
Saddleback (form of Pied) SaddelryggetGetekend Sattelschecke Sellé
Black Bodied (form of Black Face)