There are a number of clubs and societies that you can join if you are interested in domesticated zebra finches. The following is a list of some of them along with addresses of people to contact for further information. If no address for your country is listed please contact me for further information.


Belgische Zebravinken Club publishes a newsletter bi-monthly in Flemish. With each newsletter members receive a colour photo with description. Members come from all over the world, but mostly from Belgium, France, Germany and Holland.

For further information on Belgische Zebravinken Club visit for further information.

Czech Republic


Svenska Sebra & Måsfink Klubben (SSMK) was active for some years, but it has been a long time since I have heard from them. If anyone has any updated information, please contact me.


Nederlandse Zebravinken Club has members from all over the world, but mostly from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The NZC every year arranges the world’s biggest Zebra Finch show in Veenendaal and publishes a newsletter bi-monthly in Dutch. Visit the Web Site for further information.

Great Britain

The Zebra Finch Society was formed in 1952 and has members all over the World. A newsletter is published every 3 months in English. Visit the website at


Australia has an active Federation which meets once a year. A Team Show is staged on the meeting weekend. The show is restricted in number of classes and numbers of entries from each society. Points are awarded to the society according to the position of each bird in the class. The society with the most points is the winner.

Several societies in the Federation produce their own magazines, either monthly or bi-monthly.

South East Queensland Zebra Finch Society

This society was formed in February 1986 by a number of Zebra breders who were not obtaining what they required from a Finch Society. A small magazine is produced each month keeping members up to date on happenings within the society, around Australia and the World. Australian Member $20, Overseas Member $25, Junior $10 in Australian Dollars.

Visit the South East Queensland Zebra Finch Society Homepage for further information.

Zebra Finch Society of Australia

Founded 1968 in NSW and based there.  The Zebra Finch Society of Australia are Federation members and have a bi-monthly magazine. Membership enquiries can be made through:


In Denmark Zebra Finch enthusiasts have gathered in Dansk Zebrafinke Klub (DZK). Formed in 1979 this club not only has members in Denmark, but also in Sweden and Norway. A newsletter is published four times a year (in Danish). In addition to zebra finches, the club caters for bengalese finches and java sparrows.

Look here for further information on Dansk Zebrafinke Klub, or contact:

Kurt Hansen
Ebeltoftvej 117, Ommestrup
DK-8544 Mørke
Tel. 86 37 60 48

DZK is a member of Danske Fugleforeninger.